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Upcomings are coming soon but it takes quite a while. bear with it

2008-06-26 10:10:30 by sam-delitans

i am currently working on my hitman's job part 0. this is when it all started out. True enough, im adding voices, which are, and still are, quite badly done. my voices kinda sucks anyway. you may laugh at it because its not easy to start an arguement. Only 1 SS (screenshot) for now. but as i said, the animation wont come out until oct or earlier , as i have my own things to worry about... :D im slow, i know that so dont comment on it! but for now, stay tuned :) fellows.

Upcomings are coming soon but it takes quite a while. bear with it


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2008-08-02 07:22:14

Looking good man!

sam-delitans responds:

wow after 2 months, i thought no one is gonna see this... :P thanks for your review!


2008-08-24 07:03:17

This must go to front page >:(

sam-delitans responds:

well, im not too sure about that. there is only a chance it will go frontpage...


2008-09-15 01:24:12

cant wait

sam-delitans responds:

what a coincidence! i was just watching the cliff collab and i saw you were the leader. nice to meet you! thanks for your comments


2010-06-21 08:19:30

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