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Hitman's job Part 0 Delayed...

2008-10-31 10:28:43 by sam-delitans

Hitman's job Part 0 is delayed due to lack of inspiration and time and exams. im not quiting on the animation but its gonna be delayed for some time, sorry to keep you guys waiting. the progess is about 75%, still auite far away from 100% but nonetheless, i will finish it. just to tell you guys, dont keep your expectaions too high as its still my 4th or 5th animation. im praticing on graphics and background and simple 3D so yea... you might as some improvement in the later part of the animation but i can tell you, some part also sucked like shit! Because of my voice maybe... Do expect some actions in part 2
If im not wrong, the animation would be about 8 min+ or so, the animation talks about how a business man become a hitman and what he faces, it more emotional than senseless action. As you know, its all because of money and misunderstanding, the rest is... just wait and watch it and you may understand :)

If you want more, i post more SS(screenshots) :D

Hitman's job Part 0 Delayed...


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